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our story

The sharp sound of the alarm rips you out of a dream. You open your eyes and, as you stumble out of bed, you tell yourself that today is going to be different. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter and a new you. Today you’re going to take back control of your life and health, starting with a nutritious breakfast.

As you sip your morning coffee you look down at your watch and feel your heart rate rising. You’re late. Breakfast will have to wait. You dash through the office door, immediately jumping from one meeting into another while your emails start piling up along with your neverending to-do list.

Next thing you know. It’s lunch time. The idea of preparing a meal and peacefully sitting down to enjoy it is, once again, completely out of the question. First you stare at the cookie jar in the office kitchen. Next, you rummage through the drawers in your desk, only to dig up a pre-historic granola bar. 

You remember what you told yourself in the morning, realizing it was a far cry from reality.

Fast forward a few days and you’re right back where you started. “Healthy eating is impossible,” you tell yourself as you sip a takeout coffee and bite into a muffin with the nutritional value of a piece of styrofoam.

Not so long ago, this was what my life looked like. I was exhausted, out of shape, and running on fumes, constantly using my busy schedule as an excuse for my unhealthy eating habits.


That's when MOJO Nutrition was born. At MOJO, we are committed to inspiring people like you to make the change they dream of and adopt healthy, happy, and fulfilling lifestyles centred around delicious and nutritious food, exercise, relaxation and sleep.

We are dedicated to helping people make smart choices about how they fuel their body without having to sacrifice any of their existing commitments. Browse our range of healthy, nutrient-packed meals today and start building the you you’ve always dreamt of. After all, we really are what we eat.

Start your new life today!